Tuesday, April 22, 2008


This image is still less insulting than the comment I recently read on SA suggesting the only reason Clinton hasn't conceded (due to a nearly insurmountable Obama delegate lead) is that women are bad at math.

Edit: To qualify that "insurmountable lead" bit, lets take tonight's nearly double digit victory for Clinton into the larger perspective:

Obama now has 1723 delegates, Clinton has 1593.

There are 303 uncommitted supers and 408 unassigned pledged delegates, a total of 711. These means Clinton must now win 59.1% of the 711 remaining delegates to break even with Obama.

Before PA, he had 1650 to her 1508, and there were 869 delegates outstanding. At this point, she needed to win 58.2% of remaining delegates to break even.

So, after all is said and done in PA, Clinton must now take a 1% larger share of the remaining delegates to break even with Obama.

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