Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Link Cleanup Time

First, an adorable picture General nerd stuff
Android iTouch killer? $155 is cheap. Looking seriously at this or the Dell Mini 5. Vendor's site.
MIX 10: what Microsoft is doing this year.
AI book worthy of a read.
The Hacker, Architect, and Superhero. Only problem with this is the sushi pictures making me hungry.

Some programming stuff
Function Dependency Inversion - something about currying. Something else about F#.
Usability and Python; why it is a pretty good language for beginners even though it has some conventions not used in too many other languages. Also here is PyYAML. I haven't looked at it but people in irc were all hyper about it.
Parallel Programming is hard? I was certainly under that impression.
Let them eat code cake; Ruby ActiveRecord stuff.
Google Clean Code talks.
Some design patterns from MS: Data Persistence, Unit Of Work. Also some LINQ for beginners.
Regular expressions for people that don't know them or could use a reminder.

It's me, I'm a data janitor
Database change management.

The Web!
REST and preventing race conditions.

Local Open source geo in the northwest.