Monday, April 7, 2008

In a decade or two, anything less will be like being illiterate

I casually linked a 12 year old who is doing a lot of development on a major Javascript framework in the previous post. Here he is giving a talk at Google on jQuery. The tools will only get easier and the next generation will have no problem picking it all up with their sponge-like brains. There are four consequences of this that I can immediately think of:
  • More open source development. It looks great on a resume, there is a possibility of making a big name for yourself (publish something in academic journals, giving talks at Google, etc.) the satisfaction derived from contributing, and naturally you, like everyone else, get the benefits of the improvements.
  • Possibly a citizenry that can more easily identify logical fallacies. Perhaps nothing is more important for a democracy besides free speech. As with the open source stuff, people should demand more transparency from their elected officials, and even if they don't get it though official channels, they will always find ways to fulfill this need.
  • A greater appreciation for mathematics. Hopefully higher level math taught earlier, when the kids can absorb basically any information.
  • More rational discussion of basic scientific facts about the world around us. Less of this tragic, mortifying stupidity.

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