Monday, November 2, 2009

New State, New Faces

So, there has been a little change of scenery since I last posted. I got a job in Washington and didn't have to be in too much of a rush to move (unlike when we moved down to Arizona). It went something like this:
Northern Arizona
Hoover Dam Some part of California Some other part of California (you'll never guess). We traveled up the Oregon coast. I would heartily recommend this. Nearly as pretty as that girl. Now we are living in Port Orchard. It is rather nice.
Still settling in, so I will leave more details for another post. The summary: doing GIS work for Peninsula Light Co, a nonprofit coop power utility, enjoying the temperate climate, and taking the ferry to west Seattle on the weekends to see friends. I've been rather terrible about updating this blog recently due to the effort required in the move, but I intend to talk more about the area and the new job in more frequent posts.

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Michele said...

Loved seeing your travels up the coast. Talk to you later Darlin'