Thursday, February 26, 2009

GITA Arizona Conference Trip Report

Geospatial Information Technology Association (Arizona Chapter) got together yesterday to present new infrastructure GIS applications in the valley. Here are the presentations and some commentary: City of Phoenix showed off their new internal Flex/ArcServer application that replaces their older and less frequently used IMS application. It looks like it duplicates much of the functionality of ArcExplorer with some additional tools for work orders, etc.
  • Why Flex? They found it had the best preformance, only required knowing Actionscript and MXML, and there was a lot of the UI built-in.
  • Multiple MXDs (i.e., web services) one interface.
  • They've received good feedback from users and doubled their user base.
Salt River Project demonstrated a tool many people may not know about for improving ArcServer performance. Turns out a lot of latency can be the result of the symbology, labeling, and other components.
  • ESRI publishes a free tool that gives you per-layer statistics on performance called MXDPERFSTAT.
  • Stuff to avoid: halos, definition queries (use db views instead).
  • Stuff to use if you can: Simple Symbols, Annotations.
  • Additional tips for Oracle users: watch for the high watermark issue
City of Mesa shows off some 3D & 4D stuff in Google Earth, used for land use planning around the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.
  • Some issues: height requirements, noise requirements.
  • Used ASU's "Decision Theatre".
More City of Phoenix. Interop talk about moving parcel layers around. Record number of uses of the word "Open" when describing a business process that uses nothing but proprietary software. The GIS of the Phoenix Skyharbor Airport - a city unto itself. Described as 2.25D, contains extreme detail and enters into traditional CAD territory.
  • Every fire extinguisher, every door, every thing appeared to be part of the inventory. $3m budget for data gathering.
  • Layered approach - users can select different level/terminal and the application puts you indoors.


Ben said...

Are you saying that ArcGIS Server isn't 'open'? maybe we'll start seeing that prepended to the's all about the buzzwords eh?

Ben R said...

Well there is some value in being able to look at the underlying source code, whatever your platform. There is sometimes odd behavior from ESRI stuff that is made more obscure because of this. They make up for it best they can with usually good documentation.

That particular presentation barely mentioned GIS at all, as far as I could tell. It was much more about a nightmare business/data transfer process.

SBL-Geomatics said...

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