Friday, February 1, 2008

One sentence movie summaries

I am Legend: I know when I build my impregnable zombie-proof fortress I'm gonna pack way too many explosives in the ground around it so it will blow out huge chunks of my own defenses and allow them to get in easy - it's really just common sense. American Gangster: ++ would sleep through again Juno: Accidental teen pregnancy has never been so funny. The fact this apparently didn't get a wider release is a testament to how stupid the movie industry is. Charlie Wilson's War: This is about a blow inhaling Democratic Congressman from Texas that kills the Soviet Union with his bare hands; if you need anything more to sell you on going to see it you are probably a dirty red. Michael Clayton: This is basically boring as hell until the very end and then Clooney has a scene that appears to have been written by Aaron Sorkin (meaning it actually had snappy, entertaining dialog). Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer: To everyone who paid money for the first one, and thus justified the production of this sequel: letters have been sent to your families instructing them to love you less.

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