Monday, February 4, 2008

My new mapping project: IKEA

This is addressed to all my friends that suggested going to IKEA: I hold you in utter contempt. I suggest chocolate to my wife to mitigate this. Las Vegas casinos would die to have they kind of layout your average IKEA store has. I've been to a great number of casinos and never have I experienced the seemingly impossible method in which IKEA can get you directly to the items you came in looking for (trashy and overpriced as their selection is) but make it completely impossible to leave without seeing everything else in their inventory. Somehow I also managed to pick the store all of their fattest and oldest patrons gravitate to as well. I want to map IKEA stores to see how they pull this off. It would be like the opposite of the efficiency networking studies found in journals depicting good city street layouts. I could create an objective metric to measure impassibility (or find an existing one) and measure IKEA stores, casinos, and other people walking places with a new method. I need a name for my metric. Something to capture how infuriating the experience is.

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