Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My problem with Javascript

Imagine a computer language that is used for almost everything on the internet that is interactive (seriously, try disabling it and going to your favorite sites). Also imagine it has the worst conventions for a language you can imagine, almost everything about its design being haphazard or shortsighted. I think you see where I am going with this. Apparently it is easier to get going as a beginner copying and pasting known code (say for mapping APIs used by all the cool, or at least, dominate kids). You can't really watch the experts in the language explain it without being struck by how many errors and outright mistakes there are still in there, destroying lives and sanity. JavaScript is probably just as powerful as he says, but if I could be using any other language to do the above online mapping I would probably take it. Additional: The best thing that can be said about Javascript is the fact it isn't VB. Everything that I've said about Javascript applies perhaps doubly for VB (VBA being the worst). I am by no means alone in this. RE: Disabling JavaScript on browsers. This is actually a very good idea in general. Start using Mozilla Firefox if you don't already, and install NoScript. It lets you very easily allow or not allow JavaScript to run on a given site (default off).

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