Thursday, January 31, 2008

The presidential debates

I reject the moderator's questions and substitute my own canned, tested subset of my stump speech. Imagine all of the candidates doing that. There, I just saved you several hours of pretty boring television. That holds for when the nominees are decided too.


Sam said...

Ahahahahahha! Don't forget canned front page news photos ;)

Camille said...

it was better than having to look up their facebook profiles or worse, actually read their policy proposals on their websites. at least hugging was involved.

hehe :)

Piper said...

Hey you work for the government. I just take full advantage of my benefits. mmmm comfortable benefits. o and does Valerie have a blog? Tell her there is snow in Massachusetts so I don't miss eburg snow. And I don't miss Snowqualmie Pass which is closed right now.

Ben R said...

The extent of my benefits:

- occasionally stealing food from other departments

- we went golfing once

Seriously I leech off Val's absurdly good State Employee benefits. In turn I make all the actual cash which I proceed to divvy out like a heartless tin-pot dictator in the third world; only instead of demanding giant gold statues I accept sexual favors.